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Derrock Series Screen

SJ-DFE Shale Shaker Screen

Technical Parameter

Material: stainless steel 304/316/316 L.
Construction Type: PWP/PMD (perforated wear plate).
Perforated Mesh Shape: rectangle/he.....

SJ-DFE shale shaker screens, also known as DFE screens, are compatible with the DFE series of shale shakers. It is a hook strip flat type shaker screen, which is constructed of multiple layers of stainless steel 304 or 316 wire mesh cloth. And then bonded to a rectangular or hexagonal perforated metal plate for additional support and repair facilitation.

Adaptable Shale Shaker Model

KET-DFE shaker screens are used as replacement screens for

DFE 3-panel shaker.
DFE 4-panel shaker.
DFE series of mud cleaners.
DFE Plus, FLC with AWD, HI-G dryer.

Competitive Advantage

Manufactured according to API RP 13C (ISO 13501).
Top quality stainless steel wire mesh for longevity.
Increase shaker capacity and reduce mud loss.
Scientific & reasonable cost control system for a competitive price.
Higher flow rates without sacrificing cut-point integrity.
Adequate inventory in the shortest time to meet clients' demand.
Warranty Period: 1 year.
Working Life: 400–450 hours.

Performance Parameter

Performance Parameter of SJ-DFE Shale Shaker Screen
Screen DesignationMesh TypeAPI RP 13C DesignationConductance NumberD100 Separation
Layer No.Non-Blank Area
SJ-DFE-A325DFAPI 3250.29442/35.5
SJ-DFE-A270DFAPI 2700.31572/35.5
SJ-DFE-A230DFAPI 2300.59682/35.5
SJ-DFE-A200DXAPI 2000.73732/35.5
SJ-DFE-A170DXAPI 1700.85832/35.5
SJ-DFE-A140DXAPI 1401.431012/35.5
SJ-DFE-A120DXAPI 1201.461342/35.5
SJ-DFE-A100DXAPI 1001.801642/35.5
SJ-DFE-A80DXAPI 802.481932/35.5
SJ-DFE-A70DXAPI 702.672032/35.5
SJ-DFE-A60DXAPI 603.562682/35.5
SJ-DFE-A50DXAPI 504.192852/35.5
SJ-DFE-A40DXAPI 406.774392/35.5
SJ-DFE-A35DXAPI 357.245382/35.5
SJ-DFE-A20DFAPI 2014.358092/35.5
* D100: Particles this size and larger will normally be discarded.
* API: Corresponding API sieve equivalent as per API RP 13C.
* Conductance No.: This represents the ease with which a liquid can flow through the screen. Larger values represent higher volume handling.